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Themeforest Allec - Bootstrap/LESS Template with Site Builder free download

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Allec HTML Template with Site Builder is a featured item on ThemeForest since April 28, 2015

Allec Bootstrap/Less template is one of the TOP5 technology templates. It’s flat, fancy and functional to serve your needs. It is not just words, this fact was confirmed by Envato team on April 28, 2015, featuring Allec template on ThemeForest. It is a huge appreciation of the item that proves exceptional features of Allec and its high quality.

Allec HTML Template is one of the TOP 5 technology templates on Themeforest

Build your online home like a real one, based on robust and reliable Allec technologies

Allec Site Builder

Of course, the main reason to purchase Allec HTML template is a SITE BUILDER with 170+ components to use. It allows you easily to compose, edit and export pages on a fly with minimum efforts and html/css knowledge. There is also extra functionality, which allows you to create multiple pages and save them. There are no worries anymore that you lose something! You get an ability to export and even to publish your site on the server online.

A main principle of Allec Site Builder is just DRAG & DROP components and voila you get a stunning look of your website just in a few seconds. You get powerful components with large amount of options: Accordions, Alerts, Buttons, Carousels & Sliders, Charts, Icon Styles, Image Containers, Form Elements, Links, Lists, Numbers, Paginations, Progress Bars, Promoboxes, Sequences, Social Buttons, Tables, Tabs, Testimonials, Tooltips.Along with 170+ components for site builder, buying Allec HTML template, you get 106 predefined HTML pages in case you are used to this kind of work with HTML templates.

From now stop thinking in terms of pages, and start thinking in terms of components. This will allow you to get fast and easy lego-like constructor for your website. Moreover, it will also be fun to work with.

To access Allec Site Builder you need just to press LOG ME IN button and voila you get into creation process! However, if you face any trouble at login page, use the following login and password password

Note! Live demo of Site Builder has some sort of restriction. Site Builder will be reset every 30 minutes. It means everything that was saved within 30 minutes inside application will be vanished. However, this is not related to the final pack you get after a purchase.

You also need to be aware of Allec Site Builder requirements:

  • A LAMP server (Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP).
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled.
  • PHP 5.1.6 or newer.
  • PHP MySQLi extension (regular MySQL might work but is not tested).
  • If you want to work locally you can install, for example, Apache.

Just drag and drop to create your own Allec custom pages via Site Builder

Allec HTML Template is easy to edit with Site Builder edit modes

Source code can be edit inside Site Builder, no need in extra code editors

Never lose work you've done inside Site Builder, just click save button

Export your site and get full pack of html, css and javascript files

Publish your work via Allec Site Builder directly to a live server using FTP publishing

Allec allows you to create multiple accounts to manage with regular and admin access

You get tons of features purchasing Allec HTML Template with Site Builder

Become a happy owner of flexible Allec HTML Template like over 800 + other people

Allec template was created with love by Envato elite author (team) using modern technologies. We spent a lot of time crafting this template to make it the most suitable to fit your needs. A history of Allec HTML template begins from PSD version of it as one of the recent popular PSD templates in the technology category. It was designed using flat muted colour scheme to make your website eye-pleasant, clean and user-friendly. Then Allec PSD template was transformed into clean semantic code (+BEM) for fast and reliable performance. Our team was focused on using modules and chunks to make every element reusable, so it can be easy to relocate or edit different blocks of our template. Allec HTML template is also based on well-known popular framework Bootstrap 3 with LESS preprocessor, which makes instant change of your website visual look possible.

Allec Boostrap/LESS technology template is absolutely responsive and fits well on different devices (smartphone, tablets, desktops etc.) Your website will run perfectly in different media, displaying top-notch visuals on retina displays.

Allec Bootstrap/LESS technology template has a lot of benefits. Besides modern and eye-catchy design and reliable code performance, Allec saves your money as well. You get in one pack powerful and robust HTML code along with Revolution Slider $12, Royal Slider $12, Livicons $12 and Site Builder $29.

As we said above Allec perfectly fits your needs and there is a reason for that. It offers your different types of elements and pages. Allec Bootstrap/LESS template contains pages/components which can be used as technology or corporate website, on-line shop, technology forum community or support centre, or as personal website. Allec also offers you special – admin panel functionality with dynamic charts and stats. More likely technology companies would like to have their dashboard in one style with a whole website. You also can find integrated Ecwid e-commerce system into Allec template since the version 1.9 This functionality expands your e-commerce possibilities as for HTML template without CMS backend.

Since late June, 2015, Allec HTML template has additional options. We keep our promises that’s why we implemented RTL support into Allec template as our buyers have requested earlier. This update 1.10 also brings you a boxed version of the template, as we received a lot of queries from our customers regarding such kind of layout.


If you need support regarding Allec template, please create a ticket at our support site. Since now we are providing support only via this communication channel to keep everything sorted and in one place for better support quality; it means that any twitter, facebook, email, private messages will be ignored. Comment section remains only for pre-sale questions, not support ones. You are entitled to use only this support site to get top-notch qualified support from our team.

  • Multipurpose Use: technology, corporate, blog, portfolio, forum, e-commerce, dashboard
  • Scalable and Modular Architecture
  • Semantic Coding (+ BEM)
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Site Builder
  • LESS Preprocessor
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Mailchimp Subscribe Form Compatibility
  • Google Fonts
  • Parallax Blocks
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Well-documented Code
  • 176 Reusable Components
  • 106 HTML Files
  • Revolution Slider ($12)
  • RoyalSlider ($12)
  • Livicons($12)
  • 8 Homepage Variations
  • Christmas Landing Page
  • Onepage Layout
  • Full E-commerce Pages Pack
  • Ecwid E-commerce
  • RTL Support
  • Fullwidth and Boxed Layouts
  • Pricing Tables
  • Gallery 2,3,4 columns
  • Working Contact Form with Validation
  • Forum Pages
  • Login Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • 404 Error Page
  • Magnific Popup Lightbox Plugin
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Mega Menu
  • Widgets:
    - Twitter
    - Facebook
    - Instagram
    - Share Buttons
    - Wijmo
    - Disqus
  • Google Map:
    - Custom Color Scheme
    - Multiple Markers
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Free Updates
  • Precise Documentation
  • Powerful Shortcodes with Large Amount of Options (Accordions, Alerts, Buttons, Carousels&Sliders, Charts, Icons Styles, Image Containers, Form Elements, Links, Lists, Numbers, Paginations, Progress Bars, Promoboxes, Sequences, Social Buttons, Tables, Tabs, Testimonials, Tooltips )
  • Site Builder
  • Royal Slider
  • Revolution Slider
  • Canvas Animation
  • Ecwid E-commerce
  • Varela
  • Open Sans
  • Picjumbo
  • Olia Gozha Dribbble Profile
  • Photodune
  • Istockphoto
  • Unsplash
  • 16 Hero/Header Images by Madebyvadim
  • The Creativity Bundle
  • Vintage Wood Texture
  • White iPad Mockup
  • FlatIcon
  • FontAwesome
  • Livicons

The photos used in the template are not included in the main download file, they are only for the preview purpose.

UPDATE HISTORY :Version 1.13 – Update: May 12, 2016
Updated: Bootstrap 3.3.6Updated: Revolution Slider 5.2.4Updated: jQuery FlexSlider 2.6.0Updated: Bootstrap-datepicker 1.5.1Updated: Bootstrap-select 1.10.0Updated: noUISlider - 8.5.1Updated: Magnific Popup 1.1.0Updated: Isotope 3.0.0Updated: Font Awesome 4.6.2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- *.html- css/style.css- less/style.less- less/state/state.less- less/objects/sliders.less- less/objects/forms.less- js/custom.js- external/bootstrap/less/*.less- external/rs-plugin/* (all files are affected)- external/flexslider/flexslider.css- external/flexslider/jquery.flexslider-min.js- external/bootstrap-datepicker/bootstrap-datepicker.js- external/bootstrap-datepicker/datepicker.css- external/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.css- external/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.js- external/range-slider/jquery.nouislider.min.js- external/range-slider/jquery.nouislider.css- external/magnific-popup/jquery.magnific-popup.min.js- external/magnific-popup/magnific-popup.css- external/isotope/jquery.isotope.js- fonts/font-awesome/* (all files are affected)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Site Builder:Improved: CodeIgniter core upgrade to 3.0.5Improved: Login page autofocus and tab indexImproved: Reset autosave timer when something changesImproved: updated the content editor and implement SummernoteImproved: switched from RequireJS modules to commonjs (this solved the bug where some JS does not load from time to time)Improved: in PRODUCTION mode, all JS is bundled and minified and in DEVELOPMENT mode it isn't---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: builder button bar looks messy on smaller screensFixed: background images of blocks are not editableFixed: on the Sites panel, the Settings button for individual sites does not workFixed: on the Sites panel, the Delete button for individual sites does not workFixed: occasionally the red dashed borders get savedFixed: occasionally the content editor appears twice in its modal popupFixed: Settings and Delete button on Sites in the Users panel don't workFixed: Site Settings stuff displays twiceFixed: can set styling on certain cloned elementsFixed: Setting styles like border, sizes, border-radius on images does not workFixed: changing font does not workFixed: can't edit fa icon when inside linkFixed: can't delete images from libraryFixed: JS file name issuesFixed: Portfolio overlay prevent user to change detailsFixed: DetailEditor sidebar link tab has css issueFixed: templates not being savedFixed: blocks with fixed nav bar appear with vertical scroll bar on canvasFixed: footer text can't be editedFixed: height detection on divider blocks not always workingFixed: some text missing from translation filesFixed: restore revision redirects to wrong (internal) pageFixed: save button is not active after re-ordering blocks on the canvas
Version 1.12 – Update: December 3, 2015
Updated: Bootstrap 3.3.5Updated: Revolution Slider 5.1.4Updated: RoyalSlider 9.5.7Updated: jQuery FlexSlider 2.5.0Updated: Swiper Slider 2.7.6Updated: Bootstrap-datepicker 1.5Updated: Bootstrap-select 1.7.2Updated: Waypoints 4.0.0Updated: ScrollTo 2.1.3Updated: jQuery Raty 2.7.0Updated: noUISlider - 8.1.0Updated: jQuery Knob 1.2.12Updated: Magnific Popup 1.0.0Updated: Isotope 1.5.25Updated: pagepiling 1.5.1Updated: Font Awesome 4.4.0Updated: Facebook widget---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Share buttons---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Responsive of product items in e-commerce pages---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- *.html- css/style.css- less/style.less- less/state/state.less- less/objects/sliders.less- less/objects/forms.less- js/custom.js- external/bootstrap/less/*.less- external/rs-plugin/* (all files are affected)- external/royalslider/jquery.royalslider.min.js- external/royalslider/royalslider.css- external/flexslider/flexslider.css- external/flexslider/jquery.flexslider-min.js- external/swiper/idangerous.swiper.js- external/bootstrap-datepicker/bootstrap-datepicker.js- external/bootstrap-datepicker/datepicker.css- external/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.css- external/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.js- external/waypoint/waypoints.min.js- external/raty/jquery.raty.js- external/raty/jquery.raty.css- external/scrollto/jquery.scrollTo.min.js- external/range-slider/jquery.nouislider.min.js- external/range-slider/jquery.nouislider.css- external/knob/jquery.knob.js- external/magnific-popup/jquery.magnific-popup.min.js- external/magnific-popup/magnific-popup.css- external/isotope/jquery.isotope.js- external/page-pilling/jquery.pagepiling.js- external/page-pilling/jquery.pagepiling.min.js- fonts/font-awesome/* (all files are affected)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Site Builder:Added: SliderImproved: nicer dropdowns in the style editor sidebarImproved: When changing a font-style, a text field is used rather then a dropdownImproved: Reset autosave timer when something changes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: blank page or PHP error on new user signup pageFixed: on the Sites panel, the Settings button for individual sites does not workFixed: on the Sites panel, the Delete button for individual sites does not workFixed: background images of blocks are not editableFixed: builder button bar looks messy on smaller screensFixed: can't delete images from libraryFixed: JS file name issuesFixed: occasionally the red dashed borders get savedFixed: occasionally the content editor appears twice in its modal popupFixed: Settings and Delete button on Sites in the Users panel don't workFixed: Site Settings stuff displays twiceFixed: Can set styling on certain cloned elementsFixed: Setting styles like border, sizes, border-radius on images does not workFixed: Changing font does not workFixed: Can't edit fa icon when inside link
Version 1.11 – Update: November 11, 2015
Site Builder:Added: Autosave (site changes are saved automatically)Added: Revisions (restore older versions of pages at any moment)Added: Custom CSS (per page and for the entire site)Added: HTML validation (when editing a blocks source HTML, the HTML is automatically validated)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: CodeIgniter 3Updated: Flat UI Pro 1.3.2Updated: Bootstrap 3.3.1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Preview function (no longer requires a save action first, always preview what’s on the canvas)Improved: Full rewrite of the entire front-end code, all JS is now organised in proper modules and loaded through requirejsImproved: Updated all the blocks to the latest version of Bootstrap and Flat UI Pro, all CSS and JS is now concatenated and minified for faster load times---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: User information not showing on Chrome and IEFixed: Block categories can no longer be dragged onto the canvasFixed: Issues when uploading images with complex namesFixed: Wrong modal displayed when removing an imageFixed: Status is not changed to “published” after publishing a siteFixed: “Unsaved Changes” not triggered when removing an image---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- all files are affected
Version 1.10.1 – Update: July 24, 2015
Added: Modal windowsImproved: Transition in tabs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- *.html- site-map.html- css/style.css- less/style.less- less/objects/objects.less- less/state/state.lessAdded:- less/objects/modals.less- shortcodes/modals.html---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Site Builder:Improved: Allec logoImproved: Tabs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- elements/skeleton.html- elements/js/skeleton.js- elements/js/custom.js- elements/css/style-allec.css- elements/header-1.html - header-9.html- elements/footer-4.html, footer-4-light.html, footer-5.html, footer-5-light.html, footer-6.html, footer-6-light.html- css/custom-interface.css- application/views/auth/login.php- application/views/shared/header.php- install/index.php
Version 1.10 – Update: June 28, 2015
Added: RTL supportAdded: Boxed layoutAdded: Share button functionality for pages index3.html, index-host.html---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- index3.html- index4.html- index-host.html- dashboard.html- css/style.css- less/style.less- less/objects/header.less- less/objects/objects.less- js/custom.js- js/min/custom.min.js---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Added files:- less/layout/boxed.less- less/state/style-rtl.less- css/boxed.css- css/style-rtl.css
Version 1.9.1 – Updated: June 17, 2015
Added: Share button functionality for pages single-post.html, single-post-full.html, case-study.html, single-product.html, single-product-full.htmlAdded: Favicon---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: Bootstrap v. 3.3.4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Display of search in Ecwid pagesFixed: Minor bugs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- *.html- css/style.css- less/objects/header.less- less/objects/footer.less- less/objects/shop-ecwid.less- less/state/responsive.less
Version 1.9 – Updated: June 8, 2015
Added: Ecwid E-commerce---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Documentation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- shop-ecwid.html- *.html- css/style.css- less/objects/shop-ecwid.less- less/base/base.less- less/style.less
Version 1.8.1 – Updated: May 14, 2015
Improved: Documentation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- page-constructor.html
Version 1.8 – Updated: May 2, 2015
Added: Email Template (HTML & PSD)Added: Disqus widget integration---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Form validation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Scroll top bug on Windows phone---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/style.css- less/base/base.less- less/objects/header.less- less/objects/footer.less- less/objects/objects.less- less/objects/widgets.less- js/custom.js- js/form.js- login.html- sitemap.html- install/index.php- install/index.php
Version 1.7.7 – Updated: April 23, 2015
Fixed: mobile menu bug on Windows phoneFixed: link action on touch devices (tablets landscape view)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/style.css- js/custom.js- less/objects/header.less- less/state/responsive.less
Version – Updated: March 28, 2015
Fixed: missed preview.php has been aded---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- /application/views/preview.php
Version 1.7.6 – Updated: March 26, 2015
Added: Preview mode to Site BuilderAdded: Pre-build page templates support to Site Builder---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: Site Builder assets---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Compatibility with IE9+Improved: SVG images support in different browsersImproved: Responsive styles for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.Improved: Display of RoyalSlider and Flexslider on different screensImproved: Mega menuImproved: Twitter widget mobile viewImproved: Hover effects for links and input fieldsImproved: Progress barsImproved: Button ‘Scroll to top’Improved: Homepage sliders work---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Minor bugs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/ie9.css- css/style.css- css/touch.css- external/inview/jquery.inview.js- external/tooltip/tooltip-classic.css- js/custom.js- less/base/base.less- less/objects/footer.less- less/objects/forms.less- less/objects/header.less- less/objects/objects.less- less/objects/sliders.less- less/state/responsive.less- less/state/state.less- shortcodes/*.html- *.html- /application/controllers/sites.php- /application/controllers/temple.php- /application/controllers/users.php- /application/language/english/builderlite_lang.php- /application/libraries/simple_html_dom.php- /application/models/pagemodel.php- /application/models/sitemodel.php- /application/views/sites/create.php- /application/views/preview.php- /css/builder.css- /css/custom.css- /css/custom-interface.css- /css/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.css- /elements/js/skeleton.js- /elements/skeleton.html- /js/builder.js- /js/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.concat.min- /.htaccess (file has been updated)
Version 1.7.5 – Updated: February 28, 2015
Fixed: Long file names bug
Version 1.7.4 – Updated: February 26, 2015
Fixed: Site Builder export bug---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- js/builder.js
Version 1.7.3 – Updated: February 25, 2015
Added: Ability to edit background elements (Site Builder)Added: Ability to change header and footer colors (Site Builder)Added: Ability to change logo (Site Builder)Added: SmoothScroll for transition between blocks (Site Builder)Added: Ability to change soundcloud audios (Site Builder)Added: Site Builder tmp folder into package--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Setting dropdown bug (Site Builder)Fixed: Main navigation bug (Site Builder)Fixed: Link editing bug (Site Builder)Fixed: Minor bugs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Increased: Number of elements which can be edit via Site BuilderIncreased: Options for editing (extra fields and features)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- externa/count/ count.down.js- application/view/sites/create.php- css/custom.css- css/custom-interface.css- elements/css/style-allec.css- elements/externa/count/ count.down.js- elements/images/logo-full.png- elements/images/logo-full-light.png- elements/images/logo-full-sm.png- elements/images/logo-full-sm-light.png- elements/js/custom.js- elements/*.html- js/builder.js- elements.json
Version 1.7.2 – Updated: January 29, 2015
Added: 19 new components into Site Builder (5 sequences, 4 tabs, 2 counters, 8 dividers)Added: Ability to create accounts at login page (Site Builder)Added: Ability to disable accounts  (Site Builder)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: Bootstrap v. 3.3.2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Bubble animation bugFixed: Contact Us title in Onepage layout---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Installation process---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- *.html- shortcodes/*.html- bootstrap/less- external/animated-header/js/animation-bubble.js- external/animated-header/js/animation-bubble-fixed.js- css/custom.css- css/custom-interface.css- css/builder.css- css/login.css- application/controllers/auth.php- application/controllers/users.php- application/views/auth/create_user.php-application/views/auth/login.php- application/views/partials/users.php- application/views/sites/sites.php- js/builder.js- system/helpers/captcha_helper.php- elements.json
Version 1.7.1 – Updated: January 11, 2014
Improved: Site Builder UI---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Minor bugs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/custom-interface.css- application/views/sites/create.php- application/views/shared/modal_deletesite.php- application/language/english/builderlite_lang.php
Version 1.7 – Updated: January 6, 2015
Added: SITE BUILDER (with save option)
Version 1.6 – Updated: December 10, 2014
Added: Special Christmas landing page (with snow animation)Added: Extra psd files---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- style.css- ie9.css- touch.css
Version 1.5.3 – Updated: December 6, 2014
Added: Buttons pageAdded: Counters pageAdded: Dividers pageAdded: Google maps pageAdded: Notifications pageAdded: New sequences stylesAdded: New tabs stylesAdded: New counters styles---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Product slider padding---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Video header perfomance on different devicesImproved: Shortcodes submenu arrangementImproved: Twitter feed perfomance---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/style.css- less/base/base.less- less/objects/forms.less- less/objects/objects.less- less/objects/slider.less- less/state/state.less- less/state/responsive.less- js/custom.js- external/twitterfeed/twitterfeed.js- shortcodes/form.html- index.html- site-map.html
Version 1.5.2 – Updated: November 26, 2014
Added: Animation page (with different variation of animation effects)Added: Media embeds page (vimeo, youtube, soundcloud)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Mobile menu bug---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Navigation user experienceImproved: Shortcodes submenu arrangement---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- shortcodes/*.html- *.html- css/style.css- less/base/base.less- less/object/object.less- js/custom.js
Version 1.5.1 – Updated: November 12, 2014
Added: Fixed header (Page Builder)Added: Edit video option in styling mode (Page Builder)Added: Ability to set an anchor to any page block for scrolling (Page Builder)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improved: Text editing process in content mode for Page Builder---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- builder/css/style.css- builder/js/builder.js- builder/js/redactor- builder/index.html- builder/elements/*.html
Version 1.5 – Updated: November 1, 2014
Added: Homepage version 5 with canvas bubble animationAdded: Contact page version 3Added: Contact page version 4Added: Product quick view pop up for product list in e-commerce page (shop-grid.html, shop-grid-full.html, index-commerce.html)Added: Custom map pointer for google maps---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: Promoboxes page (promobox with bubble canvas animation)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Touch screen bugsFixed: CSS styles for IE9Fixed: Browsers compatibilityFixed: Google map scrollingFixed: Logotype displayFixed: Minor bugs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/style.css- css/ie9.css- css/touch.css- js/custom.js- js/form.js- index.html- index1.html- index2.html- index3.html- index4.html- index5.html- index-animation.html- index-commerce.html- index-host.html- checkout.html- orders.html- shop-grid-full.html- shop-grid.html- shop-list-full.html- shop-list.html- shopping-cart.html- single-product-full.html- single-product.html- wishlist.html
Version 1.4.1 – Updated: October 23, 2014
Added: Tooltips with explanation to page builder edit options---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: Revolution slider assets---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Logo hover in light footers and headersFixed: Promobox button hover in SafariFixed: Links names and href for homepages---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- index1.html- index-commerce.html- builder/index.html- css/style.css- builder/css/tooltips-box.css
Version 1.4 – Updated: October 21, 2014
Added: Homepage 4 (Original Scrolling). Creative.Added: 3 patterns into Page Builder (dark services, text block with macbook image, text block with circles animation)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed: Header with centered logo and two-row header with social icons.Fixed: Homepage with canvas animationFixed: Styles for touch devices---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- shortcodes/promo.html- index-animation.html- css/touch.css- css/style.css
Version 1.3 – Updated: October 14, 2014
Added: 6 patterns to page builder:- pricing table with countdown- 2 accordions (one of them with coundown)- fullwidth blog- timeline blog- promobox with parallax effectAdded: Homepage with video hero headerAdded: Subscribe forms compatibility with mailchimpAdded: Pages with different headers (6 dark + 6 light versions)Added: Pages with different footers (6 dark + 6 light versions)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated: Pricing page (additional pricing table with countdown)Updated: Accordions & Tabs page (2 additional accordions styles)Updated: Promoboxes page (parallax promobox + promobox with video bg)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Affected files:- css/style.css- js/form.js- external/count/count.down.js- shortcodes/accordions-and-tabs.html- shortcodes/promo.html- shortcodes/*.html- index2.html- index-commerce.html- pricing-tables.html- single-post.html- single-post-full.html- site-map.html- contact2.html- index.html- index3.html
Version 1.2.1 – Updated: October 7, 2014
Changed: Name Atech to AllecFixed: Mobile menu
Version 1.2 – Updated: October 4, 2014
Added: 32 new elements to page builder
Version 1.1 – Updated: October 2, 2014
Added: 31 new elements to page builder
Version 1.0.1 – Updated: October 1, 2014
Fixed: Page builder export function

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Tags: Themeforest | Static Site Generators | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Allec | Business | Technology | PSD | Template
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 26.April 2016

Allec is a business & technology PSD template. It’s a perfect combination of modern design and unique authentic look. Allec is... 14, 2014Added: Dark skinVersion 1.1. – Updated: June 4, 2014Added: Mobile viewVersion 1.0. – Updated: May 28, 2014Initial release

Free download Themeforest A.Movie - Cinema/Movie HTML LESS Template

Download Themeforest A.Movie - Cinema/Movie HTML LESS Template Free Nulled

Category: Themeforest | Site Templates
Tags: blog | book a ticket | Bootstrap | Calendar | Cinema | CSS3 | Entertainment | Event | Gallery | HTML5 | LESS | Movie | reservation form | Theater | Ticket | Themeforest | Site Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | AMovie | CinemaMovie | HTML | LESS | Template
Archives: 2016 | May 2016 | 21.May 2016

DescriptionA.Movie is a unique Entertainment Bootstrap 3.1.1 HTML5/CSS3 template which is suitable for any type of cinema, movie pro...ise DocumentationNoteThe photos used in the template are not included in the main download file, they are only for the preview purpose.
Free download Codecanyon Slim Landingpage For T-rex Site Builder: Visual Site Builder

Download Codecanyon Slim Landingpage For T-rex Site Builder: Visual Site Builder Free Nulled

Category: Codecanyon | PHP Scripts
Tags: drag and drop | drag and drop builder | landing page builder | page builder | static site builder | trex site builder | visual html | Codecanyon | PHP Scripts | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Slim | Landingpage | trex | Site | Builder | Visual
Archives: 2018 | January 2018 | 03.January 2018

This is only a template for T-rex Site Builder, so you need to install T-rex Site Builder (version 2.0 or above) on your hosting, Please purc...rt export websites as html in zip fileLive demoHome page: previewAdmin panel: user:admin pass:123456
Free download Themeforest FlatAdsUI - Directories & Classified Ads HTML/LESS UI Kit

Download Themeforest FlatAdsUI - Directories & Classified Ads HTML/LESS UI Kit Free Nulled

Category: Themeforest | Site Templates
Tags: Ads | Advertising | Business | classified ads | Classifieds | Companies | Directory | html less | Listing | Maps | Marketing | Platform | Portal | Sell | ui kit | Themeforest | Site Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | FlatAdsUI | directories | Classified | HTMLLESS
Archives: 2018 | July 2018 | 25.July 2018

Using the experience gained in our previous Classified Ads and Directories Themes, we came up with a new set of HTML/CSS elements dedicated fo...y MoreSources & CreditsImages – www.unsplash.comIcons – Font Awesome 5Fonts – Google Web Fonts (Roboto & Google Sans)
Free download Codecanyon Look - The API-Less Google Search Engine Script

Download Codecanyon Look - The API-Less Google Search Engine Script Free Nulled

Category: Codecanyon | PHP Scripts
Tags: google search | google search results | google search scrapper | php google cse script | search engine | search engine powered by google | your own search engine | Codecanyon | PHP Scripts | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Look | APILess | Google | Search | Engine | script
Archives: 2018 | August 2018 | 13.August 2018

Look is a search engine script powered by Google Search Results. At its core it uses Google CSE’s internal API endpoints to fetch the searc... we promise you won’t look back!Backend URL - -Email : demo@xinia.comPass: miracle

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